Manufacturing Industries

Read, watch or listen.

Read, watch or listen to any news and you'll be bombarded with a lot of rhetoric about how manufacturing in the US is on the decline, but many areas of the country (like ours here on Long Island) are experiencing a thriving manufacturing sector. Yay for us!

This uptick is surely a positive...

This uptick is surely a positive, but we talk with manufacturers every day and many tell us that they continue to face challenges, mostly having to do with their sales and marketing functions. They lament that traditional marketing tactics are less effective than they used to be. Just a few years ago, it was pretty straightforward - hire a few sales folks, send them to trade shows, put a few ads in trade publications, between shows do some cold calling, and leverage relationships... but these activities just aren’t working like they used to.

"Activities just aren’t working like they used to."

At Slightly Mad we understand the manufacturer's mindset. We help you generate qualified leads by building trust through strategy and content. BUT, we also understand that it's not just about writing blogs and posting on social media (which we totally do for you!), it's so much more. Working with manufacturers for more than 30 years, we've learned a lot, and we know that for manufacturers, its all about creating a Brand Strategy and driving it through everything you do.

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In this fast paced strategy workshop that is developed specifically for the manufacturer, we will dive deep to identify the anchors that are pulling your brand off course and keeping you from moving forward.