National Quantitative Research Study

Centered around the idea that every brand creates its own “legacy” by the sum of its actions, a national research project was conducted to test the validity of the premise and further explore the implications to organizations and their marketing efforts.

The project began by tapping into a national sample of over 1000 general consumers ages 16 to 70 via online interviews. The study was designed to provide quantitative support for the idea that it is essential for companies to develop, maintain, and protect their corporate legacies.

Consumers were questioned about their attitudes towards corporations and their impact on individuals and families. The study explored in depth issues regarding consumer attitudes towards corporations in general as well as behavior and attitudes in specific industries such as the Fast Food Industry, the Financial Industry, Personal Care and Beauty, Pharmaceutical and the Home Furnishings Industries. Issues such as skepticism of corporations, points of connection with corporations and responsibility of corporations and individuals were explored.

The study concluded, among other things, that the majority of consumers are skeptical of corporations; This skepticism correlates highly with concern for their children’s future, the environment, American superficiality, and the need for control over health decisions. Proving out the need for corporations to pay attention to the impact that their actions have on their brand, and on the public perceptions of it.

This study and the development of the concept of the “Brand Legacy” resulted in a comprehensive re-positioning and re – launch of a well-established Manhattan based corporation.

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